2015 Poem​-​of​-​the​-​Months + Special Bonus Track!

by K1 (aka Chris Kermiet)

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released September 9, 2016


all rights reserved



K1 Denver, Colorado

K1 (aka Chris Kermiet) has had several careers in his lifetime: as a jazz performer and arranger, a rock drummer and record producer, a traditional dance caller and teacher (contras, squares, English Country Dance), and as a composer (primarily electronic and choral music). He's been writing poems since his early 20's, and has been putting them online, one per month, for the last five years. ... more

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Track Name: Christmas Coal
Christmas coal —-
an old ember's glow.
I won't throw gas on
to make a fire,
I'm old, Father Christmas,
that's not my desire.
Track Name: Causing a disturbance...
Causing a disturbance...
on this bus

Inspired by a real sign on a Denver bus.
Track Name: Rainbow Chaser
I've always been a rainbow chaser
ever since I was a boy.
Every storm I'd wait and see
where the rainbow would deploy.
One end usually chose the garden,
but that one never interested me.
The pot of gold, as you all know,
is always at the other end.
Track Name: It feels like a Rachmaninoff morning
It feels like a Rachmaninoff morning --
that edge of tragedy and redemption.
Track Name: On the Death of Paolo Soleri
When a master dies --
in old age --
there is no grief.
Only quiet, soaring curves and light,
And the soft tinkling of bells at twilight.
Track Name: Laptop to Laptop
Two twenty-somethings sitting, intimately,
in a coffee shop -- their laptops touching ...
Track Name: Merika, Merika
O Beautiful for spacious skies,
And genetically modified grain;
Strip mining tears off mountain tops,
While landfills dot the plain ...
Track Name: Echoes
Echoes ...
That's what these poems are,
just echoes.
Track Name: Firedrake!
[A fiery dragon or a fiery meteor. Also (colloq.),
a shooting start that spans the arc of heaven.]
Track Name: On the Fringes (Love and Death)
We are always
on the fringes.
Love and Death.
Track Name: Garden of Thorns
Wrapped in wires,
windings of transformers,
computer networks;
taught by liars,
priests, politicians
and movie stars ...
Track Name: Peace on Earth?
Will there ever be
Peace on Earth?
Good will toward men?
Or women or kids?
Is Christianity on the skids?
Track Name: “Xmas wRap (Twas the Night)” - BONUS TRACK
Twas the night before Christmas
and all through the house
not a creature was stirring,
not even a mouse.
The mouse had ate poison,
— it was dead.
The kids — they'd all
gone up to bed ...