2019 Collected Works

by K1 (aka Chris Kermiet)

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My spirit cries out like a night bird in the darkness, and not even an echo answers....
The Winter's snow was a leaden white, bending bushes to the ground. You can see them straining with the weight of it— the dried life still in them resisting Winter's deadly embrace.
Blood Wolf Moon. Red with the blood of nations; the blood of war....
Orangy, Porngy, what a guy! Grabbed some pussy, told a lie, Or two, or three, or five, or ten – Make America Hate Again! Orangy! Send a tweet my way, I need to know who to hate today: Latinos, Muslims, blacks, Jews, CNN, or just "fake news". Orangy – no exoneration – You're a disgrace to the nation. Some folks think you were heaven-sent To be our glorious President. But Orangy, Porngy, you're a hater. We all know, that sooner or later You'll go to jail, in disgrace. Abandoned, even by your base. You'll end up in a cell, alone, Without a TV, or a phone. You won't be able to stay up late, To tweet out lies, and stir up hate. Orangy, Porngy, what a guy! Grabbed some pussy, told a lie, Or two, or three, or five, or ten – Make America Hate Again!
It's easier to think about death when the apple trees are blooming. When you see their rosy pinks against the blue sky....
Strong Bulls of Bashan circle me round about. Red eyes glowing....
The clock is a fabricator of insidious lies—
oday I saw two butterflies while walking the dog. Just two. Do you remember when nobody bothered counting them?
It's creeping in. The gray wolf. I see it in the corner of my room...sometimes. When I raise up to look...it's gone. But I know it's been there. It's smell lingers. The breath....
I am Lazarus, come from the dead. Come back to tell you all— I shall tell you all! Three days I lay dead in the tomb with a linen cloth about my head and a shroud around my arms and legs....
Boo-night. What a sight! Fearful adults, driving miles to drop their kids in neighborhoods with lots of loot, Kids rushing with greed from door to door. Then off they scoot in an SUV. A truly American holiday of greed, loot, fear, and sugar addiction.
There used to be 12 Days of Christmas — Now it starts the day after Halloween, with all the shopping days in-between....


Night Bird
Winter's Cold Embrace
Blood Wolf Moon
Orangy, Porngy #2
Wait 'til Spring, when the Apple Trees Bloom
When Will It Be Done?
Gates of Hell
The Gray Wolf
There used to be 12 Days of Christmas


released July 30, 2020


all rights reserved



K1 Denver, Colorado

K1 (aka Chris Kermiet) has had several careers in his lifetime: as a jazz performer and arranger, a rock drummer and record producer, a traditional dance caller and teacher (contras, squares, English Country Dance), and as a composer (primarily electronic and choral music). He's been writing poems since his early 20's, and has been putting them online, one per month, for the last five years. ... more

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